Freedom Haven will be a place where people who seek freedom can live in peace. By “Freedom” we mean (at a very high level): The ability to live your life without people (government or non-government) threatening to murder, kidnap, or rob you. Since all of the lands on earth (other than a sliver of Antarctica) are already ruled by existing governments, the only place left to find freedom is out on the high seas (far beyond the jurisdiction of existing nations). While mega city-ships are already being produced monthly in shipyards (like SHI), and these vessels already frequently pass through this location each year – we’re creating a custom purpose design for a colony that will remain there, in the space where open public freedom is to be found.

Modern floating city cost comparison.
(Images of USS Gerald R Ford, Symphony of the Seas, and HMM Algeciras from Wikimedia)
The 5/25/2021 update of the New Liberty design.
The Gerald R. Ford-class Aircraft Carrier included for scale.

Freedom Haven is an open-design efficient economic-freedom & social-freedom seasteading project in the section of international waters that is beyond the Exclusive economic zone. Freedom Haven seeks to be the most affordable seasteading solution that can offer this high level of freedom to date. Our target goal is 10-years of open-sea-safe living space for $444/square-foot, $4,784/square-meter, or $65,005/TEU. Supporters meet on Facebook and other platforms to collaborate gratis on the design of the main initial structure (called “New Liberty“) and tax-free pseudo-anarchist government. Multiple floating and sea-floor-mounted structures containing living quarters, boat dry docks, stores, businesses, manufacturing, etc, work together to form a peaceful nation that could survive and thrive in life on the high seas, while permanently situated more than 200 nautical miles from shore (beyond the EEZ) in waters free from the jurisdiction of existing oppressive nations.

While recognition as an independent nation is not required for the success of this project, we do plan on qualifying as such a State under Article 1 of the “Montevideo Convention“:

The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications:

(a) a permanent population;
(b) a defined territory;
(c) government; and
(d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states.

– Montevideo Convention

Click on this site’s menu to see the different aspects of this project. Check out our design, visit and participate in our discussion groups, see our interviews and articles, explore the science used in considering possible locations, support our plan for achieving the success of our project, study the Freedom Haven Constitution, scan through our Frequently Asked Questions page, and learn about (and contact) some of the public-facing members of the project.

Current Status: Gratis Designing and New Liberty Phase 2 fundraising. At this phase, this project is non-profit. We all have day jobs and work on this project on the side without pay for the sake of the cause we’ve undertaken. If you’d like to help, consider donating to our fundraiser and contributing your knowledge, time, and/or services to our project.

Freedom Haven