Please, contribute $5 (or more) towards Phase 2 of the New Liberty vessel.

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As mentioned previously, the country of Freedom Haven will eventually have multiple floating structures and ships, each acting as its own province under the single Freedom Haven Constitution, which preserves the highest level of freedom possible. On this page, we’ll share the latest progress on our plan for modeling, prototyping, and building the structure for the city which we call “New Liberty”. New Liberty will have similar dimensions to these megastructures, except it’ll be shorter and won’t have a bow because it’ll be stationary at a constant GPS location so that other vessels can always find it.

Modern floating city cost comparison.
(Images of USS Gerald R Ford, Symphony of the Seas, and HMM Algeciras from Wikimedia)

The current plan has the purchase and construction of New Liberty occurring in 4 phases, with lessons-learned from each phase fine-tuning the plans in the subsequent phases:

Phase 1 R&D 1:1000th scale model (completed):

  • $0. This was be built out-of-pocket as the initial design was fine tuned and 3d printed.
  • Possible location: 3d printed. Small enough to carry.

Phase 2 R&D 1:87th (HO/H0) scale model (fundraising has begun):

1:87th scale model. The person added for scale.

Phase 3 R&D with shipyard (perhaps Samsung Heavy Industries):

Samsung Heavy Industries’ Geoje Shipyard
(Image from the Maritime Executive)
  • $500 per TEU (current estimate) until all 4,000 TEUs are accounted for
  • Possible location: South Korea.

Phase 4 Final Structure Build:

  • $64,500 per TEU (current estimate of average – some will cost more or less depending on chosen location and weight limits) until all 4,000 TEUs are accounted for. The total price for a resulting TEU is the costs of R&D from phases 2 and 3 plus the phase 4 cost.
  • Possible location: Built in South Korea and then moved to Bay of Bengal (near Malaysia/Singapore outside the EEZ of all existing nations).
  • Additional details: More specific breakdown of Phase 4 can be found here:

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