What will you do for water, electricity, food, sewage processing, etc?

Powered air ventilation and septic services (using the large onboard septic tanks) will be included in the cabin leases. Water, electricity, food, garbage pickup/treatment, etc, will be offered by multiple competed companies (each trying to offer a higher value at a lower price in order to earn your business).

A large gantry crane and import/export cargo holds will be able to handle a theoretical max capacity of 1,292 TEUs, with all of the containers either in the process of being imported-from or exported-to container ships that will dock with New Liberty multiple times a week.

Some food will be grown locally, but it is beleived that most of it will be imported, just like it is in Hawaii and other modern small island nations. Food prices are expected to be on par with what is found in those locations.

While people are free to choose imported water if they wish, it is beleived that most people will choose the cheaper option of water that was created locally using the multiple competing desalination/filtration services. Trash might be cleanly burned and filtered locally, recycled, and/or exported to another nation, depending on what environmentally clean solution makes the most economical sense based on what the people choose to pay for.

For additional details and images, check out our #WelcomeToNewLiberty series at https://www.facebook.com/groups/LibertarianSeasteading/permalink/805746316671602. Note: in the future we plan on adding an interactive New Liberty image (which will also contain all of the information in the “#WelcomeToNewLiberty” series).

How will you handle pirates/cartels? How will you stop large countries from invading or attacking New Liberty?

With an initial population of 5,000-10,000 residents being well-armed with unregistered weapons of all types, and with vessel wide defensive posture and high caliber deterrent weapons, we do not imagine aggressive attacking pirates or cartels will pose much of a threat and will quickly learn not to threaten the life, freedom, and/or property of the residence of New Liberty. Unlike in movies, modern pirates rarely attack ships defended by security personnel.

That being said, we will be as vulnerable to the invading armies and navies of the world’s major superpowers as any other small island nation currently is. We believe our only real defense against these is a 3-fold approach:

    Reach out in diplomacy to the world’s nations and global alliances (such as the UN) and develop friendships and foster peace without sacrificing any of the human rights of the people of Freedom Haven.
    Have a 24/7 live 4K video stream broadcasting from New Liberty (and the rest of Freedom Haven) letting the people of the world into our lives (to the degree that each individual person wishes to do so). The world will know what life in Freedom Haven will be like through their first-hand experience, making it harder for foreign propaganda to sew lies into their citizens’ minds, preventing them from being manipulated into wanting war with a peacing nation. Also, if anyone attacks Freedom Haven, it will be aired live to the world so that everyone will know the atrocities that occurred. Encryption, peer-to-peer networks, and multiple fail-over networks will ensure that our signal won’t ever go dark to any who wish to bear witness to what happens.
    Frederic Bastiat is quoted as saying “When goods don’t cross borders, soldiers will”. Likewise, Otto T. Mallery (a late 19th-century liberal), said: “If soldiers are not to cross international boundaries, goods must do so. Unless the Shackles can be dropped from trade, bombs will be dropped from the sky.” (from “Economic Union and Enduring Peace”). We will so openly trade with all people that they will wish peace if only for their own profit from our mutually beneficial trade relationship.
Freedom Haven