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  1. I do not see anywhere to contact.. This is the first time I’ve encountered people doing what I’ve been planning for 2 years. I knew there are others, just couldn’t find them. Everyone I talk to about this thinks I’m crazy and that it’s impossible, we know it is possible.
    Lithium ion
    Fiber reinforced concrete hull
    Solar desalination with condenser
    The list goes on and on
    Please reach out with info or contact

  2. Launching your project seems hard since (as much as I can understand) its floating hardware does not grow progressively, and so it has to start with an all or nothing financing approach.
    A suggestion: Create a new project that can start with a more limited hardware. “Paint it” not as a new libertarian country, but as a ecological marine research installation, with all the checkboxes crossed: Carbon negative, producing its own energy from solar/wind, accepting researchers from disadvantage countries, you name it (check the UN “nice sustainability list”). Then get an associate from the EU and try a financing program for “blue” (ocean) nice, politically correct research initiatives.
    That may effectively allow you to start without all the needed money for the full-blown present design…
    And, with things properly done, in due time (after the program end) you are the happy owner of a limited but still nice seasteading…

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